Tom Forlander - Freshwater Fishing Tricks, Tips, and Tactics

Tom Forlander lives close to the coast in the state of Florida and enjoys going fishing. He is experienced in both freshwater and saltwater fishing; though freshwater fishing is something he does more often. He learned to fish from his father and still remembers going on fishing trips with his father and elder brother. If you are new to freshwater fishing, these few tips from Tom Forlander will help you get started.

Tom Forlander
Use a Map
If you are planning to go freshwater fishing, you might want to check a topographical map of that body of water before you head out. The map will give you an idea of the depth of the water and also show you the location of any sunken man-made fish cribs. With this information, you will be able to choose where you want to go fishing.

Use a Slip Bobber
If you are going freshwater fishing, you can use a slip bobber. This is a bobber with a hole going through it. You can tie a knot and a stopper above the bobber so that you can decide where the bobber stops and how deep you want your line to go. This helps in maintaining casting quality.

What Bait to Use
The best type of bait to use for freshwater fishing are minnows, worms, wax worms, and crayfish. You will also need to find out what bait is best for the fish you want to catch. If you are planning to use artificial baits, you might want to stick with crankbaits and spinners.

Tom Forlander recommends taking a light lunch when you go freshwater fishing because you could be out there the whole day catching fish.


Tom Forlander - How to Become a Better Tennis Player

Tom Forlander lives near the coast in the state of Florida. He is an active individual who enjoys outdoor physical activities such as tennis, swimming, diving, and fishing. He started playing tennis when he was in school and has continued to play the game through much of his adult life. Tennis is a game of speed, agility, strength, and strategy, it is an action-packed game. Tom Forlander shares a couple of tips you can use to become a better tennis player.

Tom Forlander

Purpose Driven Practice

If you want to become a better tennis player, you will need to practice with a purpose. No matter how much time you have, you will need to practice with a purpose. With tennis, you have a lot of information your brain has to process, and it takes some time to fully understand these concepts. There is no shortcut to learning how to become a better tennis player. You will have to practice, and practice a lot. You will need to be dedicated, focused and set personal goals for yourself. Practice regularly and compare your progress according to your personal records. Practicing with a purpose will make you stay focused and help make you a better player.

Tennis Tips Journal

You might want to keep a journal with tennis tips for yourself. Make note of all the tips your tennis coach gives you and keep it in your kit for easy reference. Write down what your coach tells you, including his suggestions and tips to improve your game, and work with it. Maintaining a journal of tennis tips is useful because you cannot possibly remember every single tip your coach gives you.

Tom Forlander recommends practicing a couple of times a week.


Tom Forlander - How to Prevent Tennis Injuries

Tom Forlander has always been an active individual who enjoys playing tennis, swimming, diving, and playing golf to name a few of his favorite activities. Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, with over one million Australians playing the game each year. If you are looking for a great way to stay fit, and make new friends, you might want to start playing tennis. Tennis is an intense physical activity which requires players to be physically fit and has endurance, power, speed, balance, and strength. Tom Forlander has been playing tennis for several years and offers these tips on how to avoid injury while playing this popular sport.

Tom Forlander

Incorrect Technique

Just as with any other sport, tennis players have to ensure they use the right technique while playing tennis. Using the wrong technique for serving and stroke action can cause serious injury to your wrist and elbow. If you rely only on your arm to hit the ball, instead of using your body’s strength, it could result in an injury. The maximum amount of power in tennis is generated through strength, coordinated rotation of the hips, trunk, and legs, and the correct timing of the ball. Using incorrect techniques will not only result in injury but also in you having a bad game.

Not Warming Up and Cooling Down

It is very important to warm up before you start playing tennis and to cool down after you have finished playing. This helps reduce muscle and joint injuries and improve your performance on the court.

Playing Time

One of the reasons why tennis players have injuries is because they overexert themselves. Your body needs rest, and you should be giving your body sufficient rest between training and matches. Failing to allow your body sufficient time to rest will result in injury and seeing your game deteriorate. Make sure you give your body enough time to relax and rest before you head out to the courts again.

Previous Injuries

If you have a previous injury, you might want to go slow with playing tennis until you have fully recovered and the doctors have cleared you to play tennis again. Playing tennis with an existing injury will only make things worse.

Tom Forlander recommends seeing a doctor fo a full check-up if you have a medical condition, or if you are over 40 years of age. This is very important if you have not taken part in any regular physical activity for a long time. If you are looking to get better at your game, you might want to consider taking lessons from a professional tennis coach.


Tom Forlander - Family Bonding Tips You Can Use

Tom Forlander grew up in a very supporting family environment and learned the importance of supporting one another. His upbringing has laid the foundations of his life and has helped him build a strong family. Tom Forlander regularly spends time with his family and shares a couple of tips you can use to bond together with your family.

Tom Forlander

Have Breakfast as a Family

One of the first things you can start doing as a family is to have breakfast together every day. If you have to normally leave a bit earlier than the others in your family, you might want to inform your boss that you will be running a bit late. Enjoying breakfast with your family is a great way to bond together and build a happy family.

Date Night

Yes, that’s right, go on a family date night. Do something special together such as playing miniature golf, bowling, or going for dinner together as a family. If you do not want to go out, you might want to get together and play board games. Avoid watching movies together as that does not involve you speaking with the other members of your family.

Family Brainstorming Session

Get your family together and make a “family values document.” Take an hour or so and list down everything that is important to you. You might want to consider including things like how important it is for telling the truth, keeping resentment and bitterness away, being considerate of other’s feelings, sharing, etc. When everyone has completed listing down their “family values”, you might want to have each member of your family sign the document as a sign of a “family covenant.”

Revisit Family Memories

You can spend an evening revisiting old family memories by watching a home video of when your kids were little. If you don’t have home videos of your kids growing up, you might want to sit down with the family photo album and look at all the photos. You can also have your kids talk about their favorite birthday celebration and what they enjoyed most about it.

Go on a Family Picnic

Plan an extended family picnic or party. Invite as many family members you can and plan a great family picnic. You might want to ask everyone to bring a dish, together with its printed recipe and create a family cookbook. A good idea would be to take a stack of poster boards and have everyone contribute to building a family tree.

For Tom Forlander, family time is one of the most important things in his life. He grew up in a supporting family environment and wants to have the same for his children.


The Hidden Fishing Secret of Florida's Drainage Canals

It may seem like there is no place in Florida for anglers looking for some freshwater fishing. The drainage canals of Southwest Florida are hundreds of miles long, and contain tons of unique fish throughout the entire body of water. The three major canal systems are Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, and Gold Gate. All of these canals have boat ramps set up, as well as bridges where people are allowed to fish from and plenty of banks where anglers can catch fish.

Tom Forlander
Unfortunately, certain regions of Florida only have a few lakes that are natural. Of these natural lakes, there is truly only one that is open to the public, but it on the farming land of the Immokalee. As a native of Florida, Tom Forlander knows all of the best places to go, to fish and to do any other type of outdoor activity.

Southwest Florida does not seem like the go-to place for anglers to find their freshwater fishing sport, but the land has many lakes fully stocked with bass, catfish and panfish. If you drive around long enough, you will find many vehicles parked alongside the major roads. These are local and traveling fisherman working the canals. It is legal to park but also be mindful of traffic and other safety hazards when deciding on your location. Florida is also known for other wildlife such as Alligators and other predatory animals that can be dangerous.

Mark your locations on your map and share with others as to your findings. You’ll find local shops and fisherman to be quite helpful in your research. The canals offer bass, catfish and panfish of all different types, providing a haven for anglers looking to get a catch.

Fishing the Deep Blue Seas of Florida

Although catching a gigantic fish may yield one of the healthiest dinners you'll ever have, it is a sport that intrigues many people. Many fisherman say that the thrill of the chase, and reeling in your big catch, is what drives you out to sea. Florida has some of the most prestigious deep-sea fishing locations in the world. Both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts give way to a plethora of deep sea fishing. There you can find Wahoo, snapper, sailfish, swordfish, tuna, kingfish, marlin, grouper, mahi-mahi, amberjack, barracuda, cobia and even sharks.

Tom Forlander

Not every day is a great fishing day, but fishing can often provide a great moment to spend with family, one that is surrounded by all that nature has to offer. Some days they cast more than they can handle, some days they came up empty-handed, but they came there for the thrill of the chase. That alone is satisfying, but having a nice healthy dinner is a much-welcomed perk at the end of the day. Many fishermen use this as a hobby and not so much as a sport. Either way, you will enjoy your time in nature.

Fishing is a staple in the life of Tom Forlander. He is a Florida native, and has been on many fishing boats in his lifetime. He does a lot of deep water fishing, as well as fresh water and salt water fishing. It is a tradition that he has held for many years, and one that will continue to do so as long as he can.

Tom Forlander - A Story with a Bite 

Alligators are very common in Florida. When golfing or doing anything outdoors, safety must come first. It is quite rare to be attacked by alligators, but it is smart to not take chances with an unpredictable predator. It is unlikely to find those that are willing to jump into the lakes and ponds of golf courses but, unfortunately, there are always a few who lack the intelligence to know when danger arises.
Tom Forlander
Tom Forlander, a native of Florida, as well as an avid golfer, knows that alligators are precise and weary predators, but they are equally as afraid of humans as we are of them. Unfortunately, that makes them even more dangerous, simply because they may attack you out of fear. He makes sure to spread the world when he is on the golf course.

When you see an alligator, it is letting you know it is there for a reason, and it usually won't approach you or harm anyone. However, taking the chances of reaching for your golf ball in a body of water is a risk no man should take. Although there have only been 13 alligator related deaths in the last decade and a half, there is always also the risk of injury and dismemberment. There are ways to defend yourself from alligator attacks, but gouging the eyes of an alligator, or trying to flip it on its back, are not always successful. It is best to leave them the way that you found them, for both your sake and for theirs.

Looking for a New Hobby? Try Salt Water Fishing 

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches to visit, particularly if you are looking to try a new sport. If you love to fish, why not branch out and try saltwater fishing? The region's state and federal laws contribute to the fishing reputation of the area by protecting it. You will usually have a large amount of fish in the area, and there is never an overfishing problem. That is one of the great things about the state.

Tom Forlander
One of the largest estuaries in Florida, the Charlotte Harbor Pine Island Sound has some of the cleanest water, which supports both grass beds and stands of mangroves. With strict regulations in place to protect the water quality and marine life, the fishing area provides some of the best saltwater fishing possible.  There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of people, who travel to Southwest Florida annually for a chance to catch many species of fish in one fishing session. Those species are some of the state's most sought after game fish known as the snook, the redfish, the spotted sea trout and the tarpon can be found swimming in those waters.

Tom Forlander, a Florida native and avid fisherman, often takes the time to escape the city to enjoy the peaceful serenity of fishing in Charlotte Harbor Pine Island Sound. Although Tom considers himself to be an expert fisherman, he has yet to accomplish this ambitious goal. Tom Forlander says that Southwest Florida has some of the best backwater fishing in the entire state. 

Playing Tennis

Tennis is a sport that has many fans and people played in all phases of life. There are many types of services, many types of players, many types of equipment and of course people that play the game at all ages. Most people have fun playing against their friends and there is something unique about playing the game in that you can classify your skills based on a standardized system which is established by the National Tennis Rating Program or the NTRP. There are a number of handy things that you can do to improve your game quite easily. The first is to pay attention to your serve. Most people do not have a problem putting their best effort, their best form and their best follow through into their first serve. By the time they get to their second serve, things start to degrade.

Another element to consider is adjusting your grip on the tennis racket. A proper grip can generate better serving and can give you better control over the ball for a proper grip. There is also a powerful mental element in tennis that many people miss because of the level of skill that is involved in the game. That elements is shifting your mindset to winning and not trying to avoid losing. By shifting your mental approach to trying to win, there is more directional intent integrated into every return and you will hit the ball harder. On the flipside if a tennis player is trying to avoid losing, the focus at that point is more on trying to avoid an error and keep up with the returns. Finally, learn to use the law of because it is one of the best defensive shots in your game, especially for an amateur. Tom Forlander is an active player that has taken many lessons and has stuck to these foundational elements of building up his game as much as possible.e

Tom Forlander - Time to Fish

Anytime you go fishing, there is sure to be fun experience by the people who are lucky enough to be out there doing this great activity. However for all of its great benefits and recreational value, there are many things that people overlook in terms of safety and health when they are fishing. The heat in Florida throughout the entire state can be very serious in a way that can affect your health and well-being. Clearly one of the preventative steps that people can take is to utilize sunblock which protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevents things like sunburn.

It is also important in light of this intense heat to maintain a hydration level that is going to prevent overheating and dehydration. Back to the idea of heat, dehydration can introduce all kinds of problems. It goes far beyond being thirsty. Your body can actually lose its ability to function and this can start in the slightest of ways. Therefore anytime you’re out there fishing, you have to take some precautions and some sensible steps to be sure you have a responsible good time. Always practice safety, always practice sensible fun and never lose sight of those things. This means avoiding handling a water vessel if that individual has been drinking alcohol. It means protecting yourself from the sun. It means making sure your body has the basic needs covered, especially in light of the heat which has been known to sneak up on people without warning and with disastrous effects.

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Crystal River Diving

Crystal River manatee diving is one of the best places to dive in all of Florida. Divers have an advantage that those kayaking or snorkeling are not able to do. In this refuge, a diver can swim with the manatees. A typical manatee is roughly 10 feet long and weighs around 1000 pounds, give or take 200 pounds. It is an amazing refuge for divers to explore. A person could do to the same spot and dive every day, and yet still see something new and have a difference experience from the last time with each dive they make. The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge offers a different diving experience that not every diving park offers. Divers can grab their gear, go deep into the ocean and for an hour spend time with the manatees as they go about their underwater business. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the vast and various amounts of fish and plant life that are just a few feet below the water. And if one goes during the peak season from late October to early April, you can see a plethora of manatee that are migrating together. This can be some of the biggest fish that a diver ever has the chance to swim with.

Tom Forlander has explored the sea by scuba diving often while living in Florida. The native Floridian has lived in the state all his life. Never taking for granted the underwater wildlife that Florida is known for, he went scuba diving as often as he could.

Golf Safety Tips in Florida

Alligator attacks in Florida are rare instances. In fact, since 1948 when the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission of Florida began recording alligator bites, there have only been 315 that were recorded as unprovoked incidents. Of those, 22 resulted in death over the past 67 years. However, they do happen, and retrieving your Maxfli or Titleist ball is not worth a hand, leg or whole arm. If you can see alligator, then they are not hunting but nevertheless, should not be messed with still. The best thing to do is to just stay back and away from places like weeds and the murkier water where they are harder to see. Forlander always sticks to the rule that if the ball is on the shoreline of the pond, a free drop is allowed, two golf clubs away from the shore.

The last alligator attack to happen on a golf course was in 2007, when a golfer hopped into a pond to retrieve their ball. Golfers should have no worries when golfing because it is not regular for fatal incidents to happen on a golf course. Though you may want to touch and alligator, or snap a photo with one of the large 10 or 11 foot ones, remember that they are powerful creatures that deserve both your respect and admiration. If you cannot see them, then they are hunting, and they watch every day where golfers go.

Tom Forlander is an avid golfer in Florida. He always tells golfers to simply, play it safe, because knows Florida's reputation for having alligators on the golf course.

Good Diving Spots

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The Southeast Coast has a section of wrecks that go from Fort Lauderdale to Miami for those adventurous enough to explore them. The Gulf Coast is an excellent place to explore the world below as well. There is a 65 foot tugboats, two M60 tanks, Antennae Reef, a host of large freighters and 110 foot barge. Crystal River has beautiful places for divers that are like no other location. This location provides natural limestone and rock formations. Kinds Bay is the primary dive location in the area. Providing some of the best places in the world, Florida has plenty of places to dive.

The peninsula state of Florida is the perfect place for people who enjoy a good dive. Also in the area is Siesta Key’s Point of Rocks. In that area are also three former oil platforms referred to as the Tenneco Towers. The Bay Ronto is a 400-foot British freighter that sunk in 1919. The bay is tranquil and spacious enough to hold many groups of divers. The ship sits about 100 feet and is home to a vast amount of sea life. There are caverns, rock formations, and more fish than you can shake a stick at.. Manatees are also in the area and provide an opportunity to divers to swim with a new partner.

Tom Forlander has been a water child all his life. Growing up in Florida, he has constant access to the water all the time. Swimming, fishing and diving all became passions of his, and he still tries to go out on the water when he can.